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A little more about YP SURF LESSON


We offer a variety of lessons for all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced surfer. Our main focus is to provide you with fun and relaxing lessons based on your knowledge of surfing and skill levels.

We offer lessons for all types of surfers: from beginners who have never been on board to intermediaries who want to take their surfing skills to the next level and to advanced surfers. Our lessons begin at the beach, with our experienced instructors telling you how to handle boards, how to row and catch waves. Clear instructions regarding technique and safety are our top priorities, but of course having fun and spending extraordinary time on water is our main goal.

THREE DIFFERENT LEVELS Each level is divided into five lessons. You can start with one lesson, or save money by ordering a package of 2 lessons or 5 lessons.

Level 1 (Beginner)

Lesson 1 - In this lesson the main focus is safety in water, how to catch and ride a small wave, understand the basics about surfing and learn about water conditions: Tides, waves, wind, various types of currents and other factors that influence conditions.

Lesson 2 - Here the focus is on how to maneuver the board, paddle out and catch waves that don't break (green waves).

Lesson 3 - Learn about holding lines and forehand turns.

Lesson 4 - Study the peak and backhand turn.

Lesson 5 - Learn about the transition from train to train and forehand to backhand turn.

Level 2 (Intermediate)

Here the focus is on how to maneuver the board, to turn around, paddle out and catch waves that don't break (green waves).

Lesson 6 - Handle smaller boards (short boards) and jump control. Fix forehand and backhand turn.

Lesson 7 - Learn about peaks, take off at the summit and go down to the line.

Lesson 8 - Learn about the bottom turns, how to speed and rotate.

Lesson 9 - 10 Practice and improve your skills.

Level 3 (Continued)

This level includes surfing guides and surfers during reef breaks. During this lesson you learn how to improve your skills on the board and surf like a professional.

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Information Lesson


We also offer various types of lessons, for example group lessons to create extraordinary lifetime experiences with friends and family. We also offer private lessons.

- for exclusive surfing experiences with a focus on you and your skills.

Whether you are a beginner learning the basics, or an experienced surfer who wants to improve, our expert pro-surf instructors can help you learn, develop and excel. Because our team has years of experience in surfing and teaching, we can create a motivating and safe atmosphere.


3 students + 1 instructor.


1 student + 1 instructor.


2 students + 1 instructor


1 student + 1 instructor.

Each lesson includes:

15 minute introduction - Safety & technical instruction (relative to level) & 2 hours of training in water - Training & feedback that builds directly in water. All equipment, rash vests & drinking water are included.


We offer the opportunity to explore various beaches and ride the waves around Bali. Try something new and stay away from your usual surfing spots. The goal will depend on your level of expertise and of course on the weather conditions. We will arrange transportation and provide boards and equipment.

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Behind Y/P surf lesson

Y/P surflesson is a small and private surfing school. Putu and the yeti, head owners and instructors are definitely professional instructors that you will like to get a lesson. He has many other qualifications, seven years of experience in surfing teaching from "Rip Curl Surf School, Bali Indonesia". After working for a western operator, he decided to follow his dream to share his passion for surfing. So Putu started Y/P surflesson in 2019.

Putu - "I breathe and live for the beach lifestyle and really enjoy what I do - having the ocean as a classroom and sharing my passion with so many people from all over the world is truly amazing".

Bali is a place that will amaze your imagination, with its beautiful nature and culture.

The island is surrounded by the Indian Ocean in the south and the Bali Sea in the north - maybe there is no better place to surf. This extraordinary island is famous for many places for surfers from any level and the surfing season in Bali never ends.

Come and visit Bali and let the Y/P surflesson be a part of your experience!.

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Join Y/P SURF LESSON and feel the sensation of a teaching professional.

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Price List

Choose and make sure you join us immediately.

Group lessons

1 lesson Rp. 350.000/24 USD.

2 lessons Rp. 600.000/40 USD.

5 lessons Rp. 1.500.000/100 USD.

Private lessons

1 lesson Rp. 500.000/34 USD.

2 lessons Rp. 900.000 / 60 USD.

5 lessons Rp. 2.300.000/150 USD.

Semi-private lessons

1 lesson Rp. 400.000/27 USD.

2 lessons Rp. 700.000/50 USD.

5 lessons Rp. 1.900.000/120 USD.

Children's personal lessons

1 lesson Rp. 400.000/27 USD.

2 lessons Rp. 700.000/50 USD.

5 lessons Rp. 1.900.000/120 USD.

Surf travel

Starting from Rp. 750.000/51 USD Price per person .

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Something interesting is waiting for, please do not hesitate to contact Y/P SURF LESSON.

Double six beach seminyak - Bali


Putu (+62)82146585453

Adi (+62)81298498203